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  • How long do the filters last?
  • The dual function pre-filter will last six months. The Reverse Osmosis filter will last two years or 1200 gallons, whichever comes first. The final carbon VOC filter will last one year or 600 gallons, whichever comes first. To check slight differences on filter life for previous models, click here.
  • How much do the filters cost?
  • The Dual Function Pre-filter is $19.95 plus S&P; the Reverse Osmosis filter is $49.95 plus S&P; the final carbon VOC filter is $29.95 plus S&P.
  • Can AquaTru filter lake water or well water?
  • AquaTru is designed to filter municipal water. Although the RO membrane will filter out micro-organisms and pathogens, it is not recommended for lake, stream or well water.
  • How much water does AquaTru hold?
  • The tap water tank holds about a gallon of water.  The clean water tank holds about 3 quarts of purified water.
  • How quickly does AquaTru work?
  • AquaTru purifies a gallon of water in 12 to 15 minutes.
  • Does AquaTru remove Fluoride?
  • AquaTru removes more than 90% of fluoride.
  • Does AquaTru produce alkaline water?
  • AquaTru water is close to neutral at a 7.0 ph.  If you prefer Alkaline water AquaTru sells natural ionic minerals which can be added to the purified water to create naturally alkaline water.
  • Does AquaTru require Electricity?
  • AquaTru operates off a 120 volt AC wall plug and uses about $2.00 of electricity a year.
  • Can I purchase an extra clean water containers?
  • Yes, additional containers are available for sale on the website.
  • Is the Plastic in AquaTru safe?
  • AquaTru uses Tritan plastic, the same BPA & BPS free plastic used in best-selling health products like Nutri-Bullet and Vita Mix.  Tritan has been tested at universities and independent third-party labs and the results have overwhelmingly demonstrated that it is safe and free of estrogenic and androgenic activity. If you prefer to avoid all plastics, you can simply transfer the purified water into a glass pitcher after the filtering process.
  • What is the mineral content of AquaTru water?
  • AquaTru purifies the water using 4-stage reverse osmosis, the same type of purification used by all the major water brands to create pure drinking water. AquaTru creates low TDS (total dissolved solids/minerals) water similar to rain water.
    Most North Americans prefer low TDS water since it has the “cleanest” taste.  If a person wants to increase the mineral content of AquaTru water (to make high TDS/mineral water) we sell a natural ionic mineral concentrate on our website.
  • What does AquaTru remove?
  • For a water purifier to be truly effective it needs to incorporate multiple types of filtering technologies because there is no single filtering technology that will remove all the harmful contaminants from water. AquaTru relies on two professional quality technologies which are not found in any other certified water purifier that can be operated without a connection to plumbing. The majority of countertop water purifiers rely on activated carbon. Carbon filters vary greatly in effectiveness. Some like those found in pitcher water purifiers, just remove chlorine and improve taste and odor, while others remove a wide range of contaminants including asbestos, lead, mercury, trihalomethanes and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). AquaTru uses the best and most expensive carbon block filter. However, even the best carbon filter cannot effectively remove common “inorganic” pollutants. Reverse Osmosis removes the contaminants not removed by activated carbon, including fluoride.
  • What countries is AquaTru available in?
  • Although AquaTru’s universal 24 volt adaptor will work anywhere in the world at this time AquaTru is only available for sale in the United States and Canada.
  • Do you ship to Canada?
  • Yes. When filling out the order form, please make sure you choose Canada and put the space between the 6 digits, otherwise it will not accept your Canadian Zip Code.
  • Can I get a bigger water tank?
  • Not at this time.  AquaTru was designed to be easy to use so we chose 1 gallon of water to make it easy to lift and move, say to the refrigerator, or wherever you decide to dispense your water from. The good news is that since AquaTru purifies so quickly, you can easily make multiple gallons per day. Additionally, you can also purchase a second clean water container so that water is always being filtered on the unit while the other container is being used for pouring or dispensing.
  • Does the first set of filters come with the AquaTru or do we have to purchase separately?
  • The first set of filters comes with your purchase of the AquaTru water purification system.
  • What are the dimensions of the AquaTru?
  • 14″ Tall x 14″ Deep x 12″ Wide
    35.56 cm Tall x 35.56 cm Deep x 30.48cm Wide
  • What are the dimensions of the clean water tank?
  • 7.75″ Tall x 5.75″ Wide x 9.625″ Deep.
    19.69 cm Tall x 14.61cm Wide x 24.45cm Deep
  • How much does the AquaTru weigh?
  • 16 pounds.
  • What minerals are in the AquaTru Perfect Minerals?
  • Statement of Elements/Minerals

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For all models other than the AT2000 (our most recent model): The dual function pre-filter will last six months. The Reverse Osmosis filter will last two years or 1400 gallons, whichever comes first. The final carbon VOC filter will last one year or 800 gallons, whichever comes first.