Saverio E. – You are a genius., I am the biggest water drinker known. I only drink water no soda no juices was brought up a big water drinker and so that is ALL I know. So it was very important for me to seek out a system that I can drink good purified and clean water. I bought 4 so I can take it with me to Ecuador and Florida. The water taste so figgin good that I thought I died and went to Heaven. AND Mr. Spiegel is a genius and he thought of everything when he made this and he is an absolute hero in my book. Thank you thank you thank you are wonderful; and we appreciate it here you are great. Everyone should have one of these in your home for the best tasting water ever.

Sandra W. – Long wait for delivery, but I’ve been rooting for you all along – there is no other product on the market like this, and new developments take time. I appreciate that you found the right filter source to meet your standard. We’ve had our AquaTru Water RO system for a while now, and are totally pleased with it. It is much faster than our gravity-fe d water purifier and wastes much less water than other reverse osmosis systems available. Plus great not to have to plumb it into our apartment sink. It goes where we go…THANK YOU!.

Otilio R. – Best water filter ever! I am so glad I got the early preorder on Natural News. Thank you so much for this game changer. I hope in the fu ture you guys make a whole house unit.

Frank C. – This is a great product. The filtered water is very pure and tastes very nice.

Debra N. – I just wanted to say that I received my AquaTru two weeks ago. WOW! Amazing tasting water. I feel better!

Rick L. – We’ve had our AquaTru system for a little over a week now and I can truly say that it is fantastic! Pure, clean water, easy use, and no more trips to the Glacier water machines!

Debby Daniel C. – Best tasting water ever!! I have been drinking distilled water for a long time and this water is amazing. Tastes so clean.

Cyndy A. – Absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE my new AquaTru Water filter! Love that it removes the fluoride that I don’t want. So thank you, thank you…no more water bottles either. Great product for my home.

Cyndy O. – I just got this filtration system and you should, too.

Don L. – Received AquaTru today. Been a long wait, but worth it. Thank you for an excellent product.

Nicole M. – We received out water purifier a week ago and am very pleased. The filtered water tastes like nothing I’ve ever tasted before. Nothing! I’m excited to drink this filtered water for years to come. Thank you!

Corri H. – I received my Aquatru today! Couldn’t be happier. The water is so pure and clean! Happy with the machine. So glad I preordered.

D. Pen – Background: I have used a water distiller for years in a household of nine, so as you can imagine that distiller is cooking pretty nonstop and I like my distiller, but I needed some back up on this.
I ran across this machine on the Health Ranger and decided to get in on the ground floor because of his review of the machine. I received my machine 4 days ago, set it up and gave it a run. Now like everybody knows, those how to pamplets they send out with equipment sometimes lack in information, or are written by someone who understands the machine and are writting as if they are explaining to someone who has some background already, me? no background in reverse osmosis(I do have now “googled”). I had some general questions I asked on messages here and they were answered promptly so 5 stars on that.

Back to the aquatru, so far I would give it 5 stars, no problems. General information that might help everyone else. The filtered water tank has a sensor on it that will not let it overflow. The manual says for every gallon of water placed in the unfiltered tank you get 3/4 gallon of filtered water, which may not quite fill the tank. Remove the unfiltered tank, dump the water residue in it. This water residue is the water that is used to clean the osmosis membrane and it is the backwash, if you taste this water it is off flavored and is what is being removed from the water, that you do not want to drink. Now rinse yo ur unfiltered tank out and refill it, place back on your machine. The machine will promptly kick back on and fill your filtered water tank clear up and then will kick off, on the display the only light on will be the blue circle water drop on the bottom. As you draw water off to drink or whatever, the machine will automatically kick back on replace the water removed from filtered tank, until the unfiltered tank is as low as it will go, meaning that a bit of water residue used to clean membrane will be in there. The display will show the flashing blue circle on top which means it is time to dump, rinse and refill the unfiltered tank.

When I messaged these guys on aquatru here I was questioning them about how to tell when a filter needs changed. The answer: T he display shows numbers 1 thru 4 with blue circles around them, and cycles through these numbers when running. Now if a number and circle stays on that means it is time to change that filter. My confusion was that when I first started using my machine I thought the water tank might over fill not realizing that there was a sensor on it to prevent that. So I would change both tanks which meant that sometimes the the lighted circle would stay on a number where ever the cycle ended. Long story short if you follow the instructions in the above paragraph you will not have this problem or confusion. Aquatru also said that if one of the filters does need changed that particular lighted circled number will stay on continuously and not kick off until filter is changed.

I liked this machine so much that I purchased another one for my neighbors as a gift. My water municipality is like every other goverment agency, it is cutting corners where they shouldn’t for reasons that leave you scratching your head and wondering what they are not telling you because they can hide it. So protect yourself where you can. Thank you to Aquatru for providing a really good option for fresh clean drinking water at a reasonable price minus having to find a very expensive plumber!